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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rubin Fisher Deed to Neil Culbreath - 10 June 1805

I am including a transcription of these images for ease of reading. The transcription was provided by Notha Stevens. Thank you, Notha, for your work finding and transcribing this document.

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Sampson County, North Carolina
Book 13 page 274-275

This Indenture made the 10th day of June in the year of our lord 1805 between Rubin Fisher of the County of Bladen of the one part and Neil Cubreath of the County of Sampson of the other part both in the State of North Carolina, witnesseth that the said Rubin Fisher for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars to one in hand paid by Neil Culbreath, The tract whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself therewith fully satisfied contented and paid and by these present, do give grant bargain sell convey and confirm unto the said Neil Culbreath, one certain mapage or tract of land in the County of Sampson and State aforesaid on the west side of Little Coharie near the head of Fishers Mill branch, Beginning at a red oak and post oak thence N 50 E __ the branch E twice to a stake thence N 40 W 150 pole to a stake thence S _ 50 N 80 poles to a black jack thence to the beginning containing 50 acres, also another tract of land in the county aforesaid on the westside of said Little Coharie beginning at a red oak by the side of Cohara swamp near William Dees corner, and runs thence along his line S.43 W 160 poles to a red oak by a branch, thence N 47 W. 100 poles to a pine thence N. 43 E 160 poles to a white oak thence down Coharie to the beginning for 100 acres – It being a patent granted to Wm. Dees the 13th Sept 1793/1777(?) Also an other tract or parcel of land in the County and State aforesaid on the West side of said Cohara Beginning at a red oak Southy Fisher E in and running along his line S 43 W 124 poles to apine thence N 30 W 72 poles to apine John Butlers corner thence along butlers line N 60 To his corner and past his corner 168 poles to a stake, thence S 47 E 20 poles to white? Oak on the side of Cohara, thence to the beginning for fifty acres It being a patent granted to Southy Fisher being dated the 25th day of May 1787 also another tract of land in the County and state aforesaid on the West side of said Cohara joining his own line, Charles Butlers and Neil Culbreath lines. Beginning at a pine on Culbreaths line on the side of the marsh and thence his line S. 60 W to 70 poles to his Corner stake thence his line S. 55 W. 127 poles to his Corner apine thence his line S 22 E 127 poles to his corner after __ thence his line N 53 E 119 pole to a stake on Fishers line near his own and Culbreath’s Corner, then Fisher’s line S 30 E 71 poles to his corner a pine Thence 87 W 1.22 poles to his corner apine thence his line S 43 W. 102 poles to his corner white oak thence his line of another survey N 38 W 123 property to a pine post his __ the side of a branch thence S 75 W 130 poles to apine on Roger Alans(?) line thence his line N 22 W 118 poles to a lightwood tree on Charles Butlers line thence Butlers line N 53 E 24 poles to his corner apine thence the side of the marsh to the beginning for 160 acres it being a patent granted to Southy Fisher bearing date the 25th of Sept 1798. Also part of another Survey Granted to _ack Phillips on the Westside of said Cohara and Northside of Fishers mill branch for thirty acres or the same more or less, It being all of the survey willed to him the said Rubin Fisher by Southy Fisher Dec’d. and the said Rubin Fisher my heirs Exec Adm ____ Do warrant and defend the said Land and premises unto the said Neil Culbreath his heirs Exec Admin and assigns forever proven with my priveleges profits and advantages belonging or appertaining tot he same free from former gifts or buyers of any kind only for Phebe Wallace to have free priveledge of the land on the ___ of the main road leading from Fayetteville to Sampson Point __ so far __ to me as for forest timber use of the plantation and fire wood during her natural life. Only for him or them to pay the taxable. That may hereafter be come due and I the said Rubin Fisher as further bind myself my heirs Exec adm and assigns firmly by the presents to sign seal and convey ___ other deeds (?) for the __ and perfect conveying the said land and premisses unto him the said Neil Culbreath his heirs exec adm or assigns – In Witness whereof the said Rubin Fisher hath hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal the day and year above written signed sealed and delivered in presents of us
Dan’l Cone & Cornelius Culbreath

Rubin Fisher

Sampson county Nov Term 1805 This was written proven and consigned and to be registered
H. Hobny(?)
Registered 1st Dec 1805
Owen Homes, Reg

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