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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Southy Fisher - my connection

As I have worked on connecting the Fisher and Streety families I have uncovered a wealth of information. Apparently I needed to get back 7 generations in order to find distant relatives searching for the same people. It has been exciting for me and even a bit overwhelming as I try to go through all this new information and get it straight.

After finding information on the Streety family submitted by Cindy Watts on, I did several searches on that information and came into contact with 3 cousins. All three are related to Southy Fisher and descend through different lines. I have been so excited as I get e-mails from them and continue working on this family.

Here is the connection I have to Southy Fisher, who was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War:

Southy Fisher m. Phebe
Reuben Fisher m. Margaret Streety
Daniel Fisher m. Jane Jones
Elizabeth Ann Fisher m. John Anderson Wilder
Daniel Marshall Wilder m. Maggie Davis
Ella Mae Wilder m. John William Dickens
Roy Rodgers Dickens m. Naomi Cunningham
Shauna Dickens (me)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Linking Fisher and Streety families

Family of interest is #438 - The Joseph Gilmore Fisher Family

Click on image to enlargeI recently went to the Family History Library in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

My project is to find a link for the Daniel Fisher and Streety families in Bladen County, North Carolina. I have found information online linking these two families, but no hard evidence.

I found that there were three separate courthouse fires in Bladen County, which destroyed most of the documents there for 1700 and 1800. Since I haven't had much luck locating records for Daniel Fisher or his wife, Jane Jones, I decided to look into the Streety family as well as other Fisher relations. I believe Daniel had a brother named Reuben Fisher, who was a Baptist minister. Reuben performed marriages for several of Daniel's children. I have found census records for both Daniel and Reuben, but nothing linking them as brothers.

At the library I found a book entitled 'Bladen County Heritage, North Carolina, Volume 1', call number 975.632 H2b. I copied a page out of that book and post it here. The information was submitted for publication by Mary Tatum McLaughlin, 3514 Sheridan Drive, Durham, NC 27707. This document follows Elijah Fisher, who is another brother of Daniel and Reuben.

I hope someone reading this information will be able to provide further details and documentation.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Transcript of Daniel Marshall Wilder Bible (Images Previously Posted)

The Holy Bible

New York: The Christian Herald
The Christian Herald, Bible House, N.Y.
Fourth Edition
Copyright, 1907 by Louis Klopsch
New York City

(Page 1)
*Daniel M. Wilder – His Book, June 30, 1913

(Page 2)
*D.M. Wilder was born July 23rd 1882
*Maggie Wilder wife of D.M. Wilder was born Aug. 20th 1881
*D.M. Wilder and Maggie Davis was married May 4th 1902
*Maggie Wilder wife of D.M. Wilder died Oct. 21st 1908, age 24 yrs 2 mo 1 day
*Lucy Irene Faircloth was born Aug 11, 1882
*D.M. Wilder and Lucy Irene Faircloth was married Dec. 15th 1910
*Bertha Leonia Wilder was born Mar. 20th 1903 and died May 11, 1903 age 1 mo. 21 days
*Infant boy of D.M. and Maggie Wilder born and died June 4th 1904
*Daniel Marshall Wilder, died ?t. 25, 1953, Henderson N.C.

(Page 3)
*Ella May Wilder was born May 28th 1905
*Lonnie Marshall Wilder was born May 10, 1907
*Jn A Wilder was born Sept 25, 1844
*D.M. Wilder and Maggie Wilson was married March 19, 1932 in Norfolk, VA
*Maggie O. Wilder died July 31, 1953 in King Daughters Hospital, Portsmouth, VA, age 66 years

(Page 4)
*D.M. Wilder died Oct. 25, 1953, Buried Oct. 26, 1953 at Sandy Creek Church, Vance County, N.C., 5 miles from Henderson, N.C.

Beatty Fisher & Amanda Herring Marriage 8 May 1873

Click on image to enlarge

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Joshua Lawrence Boon 1850 US Census

I am experimenting with ways to add .pdf (Adobe) files to this blog without paying $50 for a program. For now we'll deal with the watermark. If you want a copy of the census record without the watermark, reply to me using the 'comment' link below and I'll e-mail you the .pdf version.

Click on image to enlarge

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daniel Marshall Wilder Bible

Click on images to enlarge

Thank you Loria Dickens Roth for contributing these documents.

Sarah Jane Wilder (Godwin) Obituary

Note: This obituary was found in the folds of the Daniel Marshall Wilder Bible. No source for the obituary is available.

Date of death is 10 May 1949.

Mrs. E. H. Terrant is Theodocia Ann Wilder.

Click on image to enlarge
Thank you Loria Dickens Roth for contributing this document.

Sarah Jane Wilder (Godwin) Death Certificate 9 May 1949

Click on image to enlarge

Henry Rose Carter Death Certificate 12 Jun 1967

Click on image to enlarge

Martha Caroline Wilder (Carter) Death Certificate 24 Sep 1944

Click on image to enlarge

Ella Mae Wilder (Dickens) Death Certificate 11 Jul 1955

Click on image to enlarge Thank you to Loria Dickens Roth for contributing this document.

Daniel Marshall Wilder Death Certificate 20 Oct 1953

Click on image to enlarge

Friday, February 6, 2009

Daniel Marshall Wilder & Maggie Davis Marriage 4 May 1902

Includes Marriage Certificate (Page 1&2), Certified Certificate of Marriage (Page 2 - second half) and Female Index to Marriages for Johnston County, NC (found on

Click on images to enlarge

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daniel Marshall Wilder Picture (with Maggie Wilson, third wife)

Click on image to enlarge Thank you Marcene "Pete" Fellhauer Dickens for contributing this picture.

Ella Mae Wilder (Dickens) Picture

Click on image to enlarge
Thank you Marcene "Pete" Fellhauer Dickens for contributing this picture.