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Monday, February 23, 2009

Transcript of Daniel Marshall Wilder Bible (Images Previously Posted)

The Holy Bible

New York: The Christian Herald
The Christian Herald, Bible House, N.Y.
Fourth Edition
Copyright, 1907 by Louis Klopsch
New York City

(Page 1)
*Daniel M. Wilder – His Book, June 30, 1913

(Page 2)
*D.M. Wilder was born July 23rd 1882
*Maggie Wilder wife of D.M. Wilder was born Aug. 20th 1881
*D.M. Wilder and Maggie Davis was married May 4th 1902
*Maggie Wilder wife of D.M. Wilder died Oct. 21st 1908, age 24 yrs 2 mo 1 day
*Lucy Irene Faircloth was born Aug 11, 1882
*D.M. Wilder and Lucy Irene Faircloth was married Dec. 15th 1910
*Bertha Leonia Wilder was born Mar. 20th 1903 and died May 11, 1903 age 1 mo. 21 days
*Infant boy of D.M. and Maggie Wilder born and died June 4th 1904
*Daniel Marshall Wilder, died ?t. 25, 1953, Henderson N.C.

(Page 3)
*Ella May Wilder was born May 28th 1905
*Lonnie Marshall Wilder was born May 10, 1907
*Jn A Wilder was born Sept 25, 1844
*D.M. Wilder and Maggie Wilson was married March 19, 1932 in Norfolk, VA
*Maggie O. Wilder died July 31, 1953 in King Daughters Hospital, Portsmouth, VA, age 66 years

(Page 4)
*D.M. Wilder died Oct. 25, 1953, Buried Oct. 26, 1953 at Sandy Creek Church, Vance County, N.C., 5 miles from Henderson, N.C.

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